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(EVA 4) : Experimental Video Art 4 Exhibition, Thai - European Friendship 2007

Experimental Video Art 4 Exhibition, Thai - European Friendship 2007
Cities without place
Written by Miriam Nöske

Contemporary place is considered an ever-changing terrain. The word "place" is a synonym for "space" "location" or "site", and we use it to describe something more often sensed than clearly defined. Place is an aggregate of many disparate elements and has no fixed identity. It is space in which the process of remembrance continue, and when space feels thoroughly familiar, it has become place.

Place has a relationship to landscape but besides its geographical notion, it continuously evolves through fragmentation and reconfiguration of social space, urban myths and notions of politics and control. Postmodern landscape does no longer attempt to possess the soul of place but articulates an altogether more unfamiliar, incomplete subjectivity and an imagining of spaces of idealized reconciliation. In Italo Calvino's novel "Invisible Cities", the young Venetian traveler Marco Polo describes the cities that he has seen within the empire to the emperor Kublai Khan. Each of Marco Polo's recollected cities is a tale that is filled with memories, signs, environments and character. His inventions describe places within one place, the empire, and provide multifaceted accounts of many regions, each with their own shifting identities, dialects and dialectics. In Marco Polo's description of the city of Maurilia he observes, "In Maurilia, the traveler is invited to visit the city and, at the same time, to examine some old postcards that show it as it used to be: the same identical square with a hen in the place of the bus station, a bandstand in the place of the overpass, two young ladies with white parasols in the place of the munitions factory. If the traveler does not wish to disappoint the inhabitants, he must praise the postcard city and prefer it to the present one" Italo Calvino's imagined cities are meditations of events and how deeply they have become embedded in time. The narrative fragments of his urban environments are one of their dominant characters and contribute to an awareness of urban scene. The cities of the twenty first century are defines similarly be a sense of placelessness. The nomadic quality of contemporary life has formed s community that never feels at home. major cities have become centers of immigration and migration worldwide. Social space within the city continuously changes, creating an arena of encounter and exclusion. Although contemporary cities such as Bangkok, Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin or Vienna are bound to historical events, the media constantly influence our current views of them. Time-base media provides us with insights into remote regions, cultural differences and unfamiliar aspects of life. They are a tool to create contemporary narratives and to document present place. With the focus to reinterpret contemporary life. our recollections of places and unknown locations by means of video and film media will give our fragmented cities more transparency and visibility.
Miriam Nöske is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles.
Artist's list
1."Still Skin" Peter Simon, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 5 min, 2005.
2."Auftritt" Thorsten Schneider, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 5 min, 2005.
3."TorBaum" Matthias Neuenhofer, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 2 min, 2003.
4."femeiche g_01" Matthias Neuenhofer, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 4 min, 2004.
5."Waldkulissen: Rinne" Tessa Knapp, Härpfer, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 5 min, 2006.
6."Going 99_R/L" Hee-Seon Kim, Pal, Color, Sound, 4.49 min, 1999.
7."Postcard Reality" Nik Kern, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 5 min, 2004.
8."Mountain Mover" Nik Kern, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 2001-2002.
9."Heimorgeln" Alex Heim, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 2001.
10."MIME" Bernd Härpfer, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 6.53 min, 2004.
11."Egotrip" Urs Domingo Gnad, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 2004.
12."Speed Crystal" Pascal Fendrich, Bernd Härpfer, Pal, Color, Sound, 4.40 min.
13."Control Your Enemies" Charlotte Desage, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 3.39 min, 2003.
14."loop" Alice Rose, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 5.20 min, 2004.
15."Deutz" Daniel Burkhardt, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 2.24 min, 2005.
16."Because" Graw Boeckler, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 4.03 min, 2005.
17."EU 2006" Matej Modrinjak, Slovenia, Pal, Color, Sound, 30 sec, 2006.
18."Clinch" Nicole Schatt, Swiss, Pal, Color, Sound, 8.45 min, 2006.
19."Bitches" Heidrun Holzfrind, Austrian, NTSC, Color, Sound, 12.40 min, 2006.
20."5/5" Jelko Terziev, Bulgaria, Pal, Color, Sound, 10 min, 2005.
21."You come" Oliver Stotz, Austrian, Pal, Color, Sound, 4.22 min, 2007.
22."Helen A/B+The Sea" Sabine Marte, Austrian, Pal, Color, Sound, 12 min, 2006.
23."36" Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Lotte Schreiber, Sound by Stephan Nemeth, Austrians, artist's list, Pal, Color, Sound, 2002.
24."Monroc" Michaela Grill, Sound by Martin Siewert, Austrian, Pal, Beta SP, 4:3, Pal, Color, Sound, 2005.
25."Quadron" Lotte Schreiber, Sound by Stephan Nemeth, Austrian, Pal, BW+Color, 2002.
26."Swinging" Michaela Schwenther, Austrian, Pal, Color, Sound, 8.35 min, 2006.
27."Sobaschitzel" Dieter Kovacic, Austrian, Pal, Color, Sound, 3.50 min, 2006.
28."Eyesyn 15.625" Billy Roisz, Sound by Dieb 13, Toshimaru Nakamura, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, Billy Roisz, Austrians, Pal, Color, Sound, 4:3, 10 min, 2006.
29."Metamorphsis" and "Ancient Fish" Steve Tinsky, American, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
30."Donna Speaking" 3.08 min and "ECE" 50 min and "Slow 2000/2001" 5.22 min, Songül Boyraz, Turkish, Pal, Color, Sound, 2006.
31."Breathing" 2.33 min and "Monster" 10.50 min, Theerawat Maysasitthivit, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
32."Hybridity Project 14" Komson Nookiew, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 1.40 min, 2007.
33."Buddha Image" Surashok Srithongmung, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
34."Mobile Life" and "Simply" and "Working" and "Family" Ittiphon Chuntong, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
35."Move" Wason Thitisakul, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
36."Untitled" Natana Burloy, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
37."Sleep" Pisitakun Kuntalang, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 1 min, 2007.
38."Personal Art" Akasak Chanang, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 5 min, 2007.
39."I am a woman" Orawan Arunrak (Super Noyzl), Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 8.35 min, 2007.
40."#2007" Chaiyod Kittikanampol, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 4 min, 2007.
41."Video Still Life" Anupap Rewthoungchai, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 8.35 min, 2007.
42."__" Thanut Khanthakhom, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
43."Life is over art" Komon Mewong, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 3 min, 2007.
44."Untitled" Miriam Nöske, German, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
45."Untitled" Siripuck Gruphet, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
46."Untitled" Chanida Yantapanit, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
47."Untitled" Anupas Premanuwat, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
48."Untitled" Pangkha Khunorn, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
49."Untitled" Kanjanee Buppanhasamai, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
50."Untitled" Ajalaya Keuwlailert, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
51."Untitled" Jun Yang, Austrian, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
52."In Flash" Kitti Sornmanee, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
53."Erase Remake" Jan Machacek/Martin Siewert, Austrians, Pal, Color, Sound, 7 min, 2007.
54."Korpuskelmantra" Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Austrian, Pal, Color, Sound, 4.17 min, 2006.
55."Flags" Phillipp Messner, Italian, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
56."Untitled" Khae Mungkornwong, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
57."Behind" Production team:
1. Annop Chompoocum
2. Thanongsak Meejanpetch
3. Perita Srita
4. Nate Tanomsat
5. Hattapol Sangtong
Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
58."The Trip of Bottle" Production team:
1. Anecha Sukkasem
2. Kritsada Pitikuntang
3. Nutthawan Charanvorakitjakarn
4. Parinath Bunnag
5. Piyachar Surayothin
Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.
59."Common Archer Fish" Krit Ngamson, Thai, Pal, Color, Sound, 2007.

Associated Professor Pitiwat Somthai
, Burapha University
Instructor Sakchai Bunin, College of Fine Arts, Bangkok
Instructor Kosit Juntarathip, ChiangMai University
Instructor Ithipol Vimolsilp, Silpakorn University
Instructor Komson Nookiew, King Muangkut's Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang
Sabine Marte, Vienna, Austria
Pascal Fendrich, Cologne, German

Places of Exhibition
1 - 3 August 2007

Silpakorn University, Nakorn Pathom
Department of Applied Art Studies, Faculty of Decorative Arts
20 - 22 August 2007
Bunditpatanasilata Institute, Faculty of Fine Arts.
Faculty of Fine Arts.
10 - 14 September 2007
Burapha University, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.
22 - 23 November 2007
ChiangMai University
Media Arts and Design
CMU Art Museum
11 - 13 December 2007
King Mungkut's Institute of Technolog Ladkabang
Fine Art Deparment, Architecture Faculty

Graphic Designer
Kathy Morf, Geneva, Switzerland

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