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(EVA 6) : Experimental Video Art 6 Exhibition, Thai - European Friendship 2009

Experimental Video Art 6 Exhibition, Thai - European Friendship 2009

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On the Other Side
When we watch a video or film the camera becomes a vehicle of taking us somewhere else. It directs our eyes through the scenes and introduces us to the other side of fictional characters and environments. The camera’s vision becomes our vision and embraces us with becoming spectacle. We are taking on the role of the protagonists on the screen and are set between loosing and keeping our integrity with the real world. Fascinated by the spectacle we identify with the gaze of the characters and look at the scene out of their eyes. The dissolution of spectatorship into the fictional role is a conversion concerning subjectivity.
Whereas for the actors the “I” becomes “He or She”, for the viewer it is a process of identification accepting the “He or She” as the “I”. Cinematic identification induces the viewer not only to depart from him- or herself but also develops the sensation of physical displacement as a consequence. The sensation of a new psycho-physiological space created by film’s montage structure originates from the
experience of objectification reminiscent of the subject’s initial relation to the mirror image.
Film or video presents “the self-estranging mirror” and “a leap into opposition” to quote film director Sergei Eisenstein. It effects a transition to something else and offers new ground for individual idealization. Because of its immediate temporal and remote spatial quality film and video pass of as perceptions rather then representations. Watching a film or video is an experience allowing the viewer to project into the bodily parameters of the Other while testing the limits of gender, race, class or cultural differences. Through the camera’s field of vision we may fulfill our fantasies and desire while rethinking our world at-a-distance.
Miriam Nöske

Artist's list1."Beyond" Anja Krautgasser, (Austrian), Pal, Color, Sound, 7 min, 2009.
2."Small Village and its remains" Chaisiri Jiwarangsan (ChiangMai University, Thai), Pal, Color, Sound, 15.33 min, 2008.
3."KOD" Dussadee Chansrigaysorn (Burapha University, Thai), Pal, Color, Sound, 3.13 min, 2008.
4."Close Yours Eyes" Billy Roisz (Austrian), Pal, Color, Sound Stereo, dieb 13, 2009.

5."Untitled" Sunitra Pradit (Burapha University, Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 6.30 min, 2008.
6."Corners" Derek Robert (Austrian), Pal, Sound, Color, 5.35 min, 2008.
7."Convince" Nawarat Kanchaninthu (Thai), Pal, Sound, Color, 4.50 min, 2009.
8."Words" Jan Machacek (Austrian), Pal, Sound, Color, 4 min, 2009.
9."My Mother and her portrait" Chaisiri Jiwarangsan (ChiangMai University, Thai), Pal, Color, Sound, 4.03 min, 2009.
10."Around and around" Anja Krautgasser (Austrian), Pal, Sound, Color, 7 min, 2009.
11."12 Explosion" Johann Lurf (Austrian), Pal, Sound, Color, 6 min, 2008.
12."Crossing Part 2" Komson Nookiew (KMITL, Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 3 min, 2009.
13."Stroboscopic Noise" Manuel Knapp (Austrian) Pal, Color, Sound, 16:9, B&W, HD-Cam, Beta Sp, 2009.
14."Oh My God" Namfon Udomlertlak (Thai)
Pal, Color, Sound, 4.45 min, 2009.
15."MINNIE" and "PAREIDOLIA" Maria Petschning (Austrian), Pal, Color, Sound, 4.30 min and 4.30 min, 2009.
16."Involuntarily" Natnaran Bualoy (Thai), Pal, Color, Sound, 3.33 min, 2009.
17."B-Star - Ukillable!" Sabine Marte (Austrian), Experimental film, Pal, Color, Sound, 7.30 min, d, eOF, 2009.
18."Very Late Night" Nichapa Tiransan (Thai) Motion Picture, Pal, Color, Sound, 4.20 min, 2009.
19."Untitled 1" Jan Arlt (Cologne, Germany) Pal, Color, Sound, 11.35 min, 2003.
20."Fake" Nuwarat Kanchaninthu (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 12 min, 2009.
21."Sechsungdrißig skandierte Gesichtspunkte" Clarence Barlow (Santa Barbara, California, USA) Pal, Color, Sound, 5.43 min, 1997.
22."The subconscious and poetic interaction and Roman philosophy" Theerawat Maysasitthivit (Thai) Pal, B&W, Sound, 3.03 min, 2009.
23."Crude Carrier" Pascal Fendrich / Bernd Härpfer (German, Cologne, Germany), Pal, Color, Sound, 6.3 0min, 2009.
24."Live...For" Pairatch Keawchompoo (KMITL, Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, Film 16 mm, 2009.
25."INTERGRATION" Siegfried Koepf (German, Cologne, Germany) Pal, Color, Sound, 3 min, 2009.
26."Mirror Mask" Prapat Jiwarangsan (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 2.36 min, 2009.
27."Ich Tank" David Larcher (London, United Kingdom) http.//≈david/cicv/LARCHER/ichtank/ichtank.html, Pal, Color, Sound, 62 min, 2003.
28."Please, stand up to respect his majesty the King" Sasiwimol Chalermrith (KMITL,Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 5.30 min, 2009.
29."Elsewhere 2" Egbert Mittelstädt (German, Cologne, Germany) Pal, Color, Sound, 5.52 min, (Music:Ecco, "Walking on thin ice", AFM), 2009.
30."Freedom" Second Year group (KMITL, Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 2.12 min, 2009.
31."TNT" Robert Vater (German, Cologne, Germany) Pal, Color, Sound, 14 min, 2006.
32."Gita Gumnerd (Insect Birth)" Pirawayt Krasaesom (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 2.12 min, 2009.
33."Neon Holiday Game (s.i.p.)" Florian Zwissler (German, Cologne, Germany)
Pal, Color, Sound, 8.40 min, (Electronic Music for Viking Eggelings Film "Symphonie Diagonale" (1923/24), 2009.
34."My Exhibtion" Sina Wittayawiroj (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 4 min, 2009.
35."Flagflash" Phillipp Messer (Italian) Pal, Color, Sound, 2009.
36."Es muss sein" (it must be)" Noppawin Wibulrithi (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 2.31 min, 2009.
37."Obvervation" Menno Aden (German, Berlin, Germany) Pal, Color, Sound, 0.50 min, 2009.
38."Bunny&Girl" Tanasan Kanakasem (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 7 min, 2009.
39."ALL THINGS BEGIN WHERE OTHERS END" Matej Modrinjak (Slovenian)
Pal, Color, Sound music: DJ MINT (electronic music-minimal), 2.29 min, 2007.
40."Model 1" Pisitakun Kuntalang (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, loop, 2009.
41."The unity different" Sittipat Puanggaew (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, loop, 2009.
42."THE CHANCE" Nithiphat Hoisangthong (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 4.50 min, 2009.
43."Visual&Sound in Dream" Manatsawee Torsuwan (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 6.09 min, 2009.
44."Cat and the green uniform" Araya Satapattanasook (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 3 min, 2009.
45."Time never stop" Araya Satapattanasook (Thai) Pal, Color, Sound, 3 min, 2009.
46."Destruction/Gallery 1:10" Barbara Sturm (Austrian) Pal, Color, Sound, 5 min, 2002-2006.

Associated Professor Yanawit Kunchaethong,
Silpakorn University
Associated Professor Pitiwat Somthai,
Burapha University

Sakchai Bunin, College of Fine Arts, Bangkok

Instructor Kosit Juntarathip,
ChiangMai University
Instructor Ithipol Vimolsilp,
Silpakorn University

Instructor Komson Nookiew,
King Muangkut's Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang

Sabine Marte,
Vienna, Austria

Pascal Fendrich,
Cologne, Germany

Places of Exhibition
22 - 25 September 2009
Burapha University, Faculty of Fine Arts
11 - 13 November 2009
Silpakorn University, NakornPathom, Department of Applied Art Studies, Faculty of Decorative Arts
16 - 26 November 2009
Silpakorn University, Wang tha phra
Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts
25 - 26 November 2009
ChiangMai University, Media Arts and Design - Post Graduate School
14 - 18 December 2009
King Mungkut's Institute of Technology Lagkrabang, Fine Arts Department, Architecture Faculty
23 - 25 December 2009
Bunditpatanasilata Institute Ladkrabang, Faculty of Fine Arts

Graphic Designer
Manatsawee Torsuwan

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